Sunday, August 24, 2008

Kenny Bond Awarded 1st Degree Black Belt

Kenny Bond was recently awarded his 1st degree on his black belt by Renato on Saturday, August 23.

Many hardcore California bjj fans know Kenny well, tut for those of you that don't,
Kenny has been a black belt for five years and as many competitors have found out the hard way, he is the master of the bondo-plata (patent pending).

Apologies for my terrible camera phone pics, but they're all I got.

The Stripe

With younger brother, Tim Bond.

Random "Bondo" grappling videos for your enjoyment:

Grappler's Quest 2003

No Gi Pan Ams 2003

Grappler's Quest 2007

Versus Joe Camacho

Arm Barring Len for the 3,000 time

1 comment:

judomike said...

Hey Renato! Sounds like things are really going well for you and the school!

Congratulations to Kenny! I remember rolling with Kenny couple times at streetsports and his jiujitsu was wicked!!

Great blog... makes me miss California.

Throw Ed Lu around the mat a bit this week before he goes off to Hawaii for his wedding!

See ya,
Mike Lee