Saturday, December 5, 2009

2009 No Gi Mundials Photos

Congrats to all the Street Sports competitors who took it to that mats for the Mundials and left their gis at home. Thanks to John Lamonica for hooking us up with some great sponsorships and snapping up some great photos that were also used in GracieMag.


Raphael Carrao and Charles Martone both took home a bronze for their efforts.

Adriano Camolese lost an extremely close match at Black Belt by one advantage.

Roberto Zeinum left his mark on some competitors before eventually being bounced out with a loss on points.

Lastly, Mike Ripberger lost a suprising judges decision in a 0-0 match that taught us all a lesson. If you really want to win, tap the guy out! Don't let it go to the judges!

Thanks for the videos by Mike Chun