Sunday, August 24, 2008

Kenny Bond Awarded 1st Degree Black Belt

Kenny Bond was recently awarded his 1st degree on his black belt by Renato on Saturday, August 23.

Many hardcore California bjj fans know Kenny well, tut for those of you that don't,
Kenny has been a black belt for five years and as many competitors have found out the hard way, he is the master of the bondo-plata (patent pending).

Apologies for my terrible camera phone pics, but they're all I got.

The Stripe

With younger brother, Tim Bond.

Random "Bondo" grappling videos for your enjoyment:

Grappler's Quest 2003

No Gi Pan Ams 2003

Grappler's Quest 2007

Versus Joe Camacho

Arm Barring Len for the 3,000 time

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

2008 No Gi Mundials Results

Congratulations to Street Sports competitors on their performance at the 2008 No Gi World Championships (Mundials)! Street Sports brought a very small group, but walked away with quite a few medals.

Tim Bond - Black Belt Silver Medal
Tim won silver in his first Mundials as a black belt in the Heavyweight Masters category!

Adam Treanor - Brown Belt Gold and Silver Medal
Adam took home two medals. Gold in the brown belt senior middleweight category and silver in the absolutes!

Charles Martone - Purple Belt Silver Medal
Dr. Charles was just promoted to purple belt after winning gold at the Pan American championships. Amazing to win at the mundials in his first competition at purple!

Tim Bond Photos:

Charles Martone Photos:

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Renato Magno Seminar: Sat Aug 16th 2008

Renato Magno will be giving a seminar at at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Club in Sherman Oaks on Aug 16th at 12 noon. For 3 hours, Renato will be sharing technique and strategies that have made him and his students champions. Register today for only $100!

Street Sports on TV: "The Unit"

Congrats to Street Sports students Galen Tong and Hugh Fitzgerald for landing roles on an upcoming episode of the tv show "The Unit". Both of these guys also had a roles in the movie "Redbelt" as well.