Saturday, January 10, 2009

Street Sports 10th Anniversary Photos

Kitty Martone was able to capture some great moments from our 10 Year Anniversary and she was good enough to share them with us.

View the whole 10 year anniversary gallery here (over 200 photos).

Street Sports 10th Anniversary Belt Ceremony

Congratulations to Renato Magno as Street Sports Jiu Jitsu recently celebrated it's 10 year anniversary! To commemorate the occasion the belt ceremony was extra special this year and was attended by what seemed like at least 120 students, family and special guests.

The day was extra special for the following grapplers as they finally received their black belts:

  • Tim Roth

  • Bob Jeninnas

  • Rob Dixon

  • Adam Treanor

  • Matt Cable

  • Francisco Arias

In addition to those belts, 30 other students also received promotions.

We have made the belt ceremony PowerPoint available online as a memento of the historic occasion. Included in the slide show are old photos and other material we did not get to go over due to time constraints.

Be patient, after you click on the link, it might take up to a minute for the file to start downloading: