Thursday, June 26, 2008

Street Sports in Gladiator Magazine


Street Sports was featured in another recent issue of Gladiator Magazine for a story on the making of "Redbelt". In the article, David Mamet (the writer/director) was asked about some his inspiration for the film's characters to which he answered, "Well sure, the first of course, was my teacher Renato Magno and then Dan Inosanto was also a person who inspired me because I had a chance to train with Dan. Then of course, there were aspects of the Gracie and Machado families that I found very interesting".

Monday, June 16, 2008

Street Sports in RealFighter Magazine

RealFighter magazine recently delved behind the scenes into the making of the film Redbelt and talked to some of the key players in the martial arts world responsible for bringing the realism to the screen.

From the article:

"Mamet is a fine choice to lead the charge of MMA into the moviegoing mainstream. Over the past several years, he has earned a purple belt under Renato Magno, a BJJ instructor in Santa Monica, Calif. (In one for the "Fact is Stranger than Fiction" file, Mamet was reportedly introduced to BJJ by his rabbi.) According to Magno, Mamet walks the walk: "His jiu-jitsu is very technical and he did some boxing and grappling before. He has some good chokes and armbars," says Magno who appeared in Mamet's movie "Spartan" and helped choreograph the fight scenes in "Redbelt".

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Street Sports In Gladiator Magazine

Gladiator Magazine has a write up on Chiwetel Ejiofor (star of Redbelt) and Renato Magno's plans to turn him into a black belt for his role in the movie over the course of just a few months. (Article is not online, click image to read)

David Mamet in Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair has a funny 20 questions with Street Sports Purple belt and Writer/Director of Redbelt, David Mamet.