Tuesday, August 12, 2008

2008 No Gi Mundials Results

Congratulations to Street Sports competitors on their performance at the 2008 No Gi World Championships (Mundials)! Street Sports brought a very small group, but walked away with quite a few medals.

Tim Bond - Black Belt Silver Medal
Tim won silver in his first Mundials as a black belt in the Heavyweight Masters category!

Adam Treanor - Brown Belt Gold and Silver Medal
Adam took home two medals. Gold in the brown belt senior middleweight category and silver in the absolutes!

Charles Martone - Purple Belt Silver Medal
Dr. Charles was just promoted to purple belt after winning gold at the Pan American championships. Amazing to win at the mundials in his first competition at purple!

Tim Bond Photos:

Charles Martone Photos:

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So Cool man! I saw your comment on my looped website. Congrats you should check out my blog too.