Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Party At Tribeca: Redbelt Premiere

Redbelt was chosen as the gala premiere for the Tribeca/ESPN sports film festival in New York and according to ESPN it was not your average festival opening. I guess that's what happens when you get fighters and artists in the same room, add alcohol and maybe a few b-list celebs.

"NEW YORK -- How to kick off a sports film festival: Take one totally off-the-wall David Mamet movie, add celebrity sycophants, a hint of paranoia and some anxious mixed martial artists, then liberally dump in overmatched security goons, the world's most famous magician, Steve Martin, Smash Williams and a dude who's lived with a fatwa over his head for the better part of two decades, and stir. Then, of course, turn away from this dangerous concoction -- pointing in any direction, really -- and run for your friggin' life." Full article here.

Also, more photos from the premiere here: Redbelt Tribeca Premeire Photos

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